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Discover the EXACT AI strategies I have leveraged to grow my audience, boost my income, and create top-quality content — while freeing up 10+ hours each week.

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June 3, 2024!

Registration ends June 5, 2024 @ 07:00 AM! (Sydney/Brisbane Time)

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Can you relate?

You’ve got big dreams for your business, but you simply don’t have the time or energy to do all the things you’re supposed to be doing.

  • Nothing moves forward without you. Every single aspect of your business requires your attention and personal touch. (Leverage? What’s that?!)

  • Your to-do list is never-ending. You’re barely keeping up, let alone getting ahead.

  • Creating endless content each week is exhausting — especially when it feels like it often goes unseen anyway. 😩

  • Sometimes things get missed — like following up with that new lead… or scheduling that client call… or answering those questions in your inbox. And you know it’s hurting your biz.

  • You’re already working hard. So when you hear online marketing ‘gurus’ say that the only way to grow is to ‘hustle harder’, it makes you want to cry into your laptop.

And the worst part? Even though you work your buns off, you’re not making the kind of income that you know is possible — and that you know you deserve.

I get it. I’ve been there too. And it’s rough.

Now imagine having a magic wand in your business that could:

  • Take tasks off your plate in an instant

  • Effortlessly create incredible, high-quality content

  • Make sales on your behalf (even when you’re sleeping or on vacation)

  • Handle your client bookings and workflows, from end to end

  • Map out your entire product launch

  • Let you to stick to the tasks you’re good at and enjoy

  • And free up 10+ hours each week, every week, from here on out

… all with a single flourish.

Even just two years ago, being able to do all this would have literally required a magic wand. (Hogwarts, anyone?!)

But now? There’s a new way forward for smart business owners — especially solopreneurs who want to jump on the wave early and harness the most powerful, game-changing tool for online business owners since the invention of the internet: AI.

You might be thinking...

“Ugggh, AI? No thank you!”

  • “I’ve played around with ChatGPT before and the results were AWFUL.”

  • “My business is all about being authentic, and AI is the opposite of that.”

  • “I’m not good with tech, so there’s no way I could use AI anyway.”

  • “It will take so long to learn, and I don't have the time."

  • “Content that’s created with AI is so generic and boring. Yuck.”

  • "I work 1:1 with clients. AI just isn't relevant to me and my business"

If any of those thoughts sprang into your mind, I want to say two things to you.

First of all, that’s exactly how I used to feel about AI too, until we started using it in my business and I saw firsthand how useful it was, how much income it generated, how many tasks it took off my plate, and how much extra time I got to spend with my daughter because of it.


Babe, do you realize that all the big-timers you look up to online are already harnessing the power of AI to stay ahead of the game?

Yep. Odds are, you’ve already seen and interacted with AI-powered posts on your favorite social media accounts. Or purchased a product directly because of AI.

But you probably didn’t even notice. (Don’t worry, most people don’t!)

Because here’s the thing: when you know how to use AI strategically, it DOESN’T sound bland, boring, awful, or like some sort of soulless robot.

The opposite in fact. 

When you know how to use it, AI becomes a tool that amplifies the very things that make you YOU — your voice, your tone, your style, your values, your passion and your heart.

Put simply, AI allows you to amplify your presence and your mission, so that you can create a far bigger impact on the world — and on your bank balance too.

AI can grow your business whether you’re an 8-figure A-lister, or a solopreneur with a small audience and zero tech skills…

And we’re going to show you exactly how to do it in this epic 3 day challenge.

Here’s what you’ll learn during the AI Secrets For Solopreneurs 3-day challenge:



with Melissa Ambrosini

Using AI To Unlock Profit, Productivity & Potential

We’ll start by sharing the vision of what’s truly possible for solopreneurs when they strategically harness AI, including —

  • A breakdown of the latest simple but powerful AI tools that are available RIGHT NOW that can unlock time and profit for your business.

  • What’s next on the AI horizon — and how you can stay ahead of the game

  • My own story of how I overcame resistance to using AI (and what changed my mind)



with Melissa Ambrosini

How To Create High-Converting Content

Ever played around with ChatGPT and been disappointed with the results? Prepare to have your mind blown as we show you how to set up a customized bot that creates high-quality content on demand.

  • Discover the simple technique that allows you to “clone” yourself to 10x your content output

  • Watch this over-the-shoulder tutorial so you can see how to easily implement this in your own business (even if you’re NOT a tech head)

  • The difference between ChatGPT prompts that are “just okay” vs “absolutely epic” (including one of my FAVORITE epic prompts that you can swipe for yourself)



with Melissa Ambrosini

The Changing Face of Solopreneur Success

Buckle up as we show you how to future-proof your business, so you can reap the full rewards from AI without being replaced by it.

  • The mindset needed to succeed in a post-AI world

  • How to prepare your business for an AI future, so that you’re not left behind or supplanted

  • Watch as we unveil the latest AI tool we’re adding to our business (that will save up upwards of 10 hours each week alone, while adding huge value to our customers!)

  • Next steps to elevate your business and scale faster than ever before

Plus so much more!

We could easily charge thousands for this training.

Similar live workshops would set you back $3-$5k, minimum.

But here's the thing: we believe that everyone, everywhere should have access to these game-changing AI strategies, not just the top 1%. 

That's why we're offering you a spot in the AI Secrets For Solopreneurs Challenge at no cost — but only for a limited time, so whatever you do, don't snooze on this.

Especially when this is the kind of feedback we get on our challenges —

“Wow this is gold. Thank you so much.”

- Gosia

“Sooooo much info!”

- Jasmin Lance

“Huge learnings”

- Whitney

“Incredible value!”

- alex campbell

“Paaaages of notes! Thank you so much for these 5 days!!! Loved each and every one!”

- Gumnut Music

“Thank you so much Melissa. I'm excited for tomorrow's class!”

- Lana

“Thank you so much!!! Inspirational!!! Thank you thank you! 🙌”

- Sammy McDornan

“So many takeaways each day! This has been so great!”

- Vallie Brauer

“So so grateful, thank you!”

- Kasey Wilson

“I feel like I have seen a million explanations of this, but this simple page has SUNK IN! Thank you, Nick!”

- Kura Antonello

“This is gold.”

- Lana

“The biggest on earth yes!!!! My hand hurts from writing notes – love it!!!!!!”

- Wendy Smith

“My mind is going crazy woo hoo!”

- Ella

“OMG this is amazing – writing so fast lol. All five days have been fabulous.”

- Kellie

Join Melissa Ambrosini for the AI Secrets For Solopreneurs 3-Day Challenge.

The next challenge runs for 3 days, starting:

June 3, 2024, 7am Sydney / Brisbane time

That’s Sunday June 2 at 5pm (New York) / 10pm (London) / pm (LA)

  • 3 x 90 minute sessions of LIVE interactive training with Melissa Ambrosini

  • Membership in our exclusive online community, 6-Figure Sisters

  • BONUS GUIDE: How To Set And Hit Massive Goals In Business & Life

  • BONUS SWIPE FILE: My Top 50 Email Subject Lines For Coaches & Solopreneurs

Total value: Easily $997+

Time Sensitive: In less than 90 minutes per day, this high-impact challenge will reveal the tactics that will allow you to free up huge amounts of time each week and unlock unprecedented growth in your business — and if you get in quick, it won’t cost you a dime.

The first 1,000 people to register for the AI Secrets For Solopreneurs 3-Day Challenge will get their ticket completely FREE, our treat.

After those tickets have been allocated, the price will be $15USD per ticket.

(Please note: paid tickets are non-refundable, but fully transferable.)

Meet your trainer, Melissa Ambrosini

Hi! I’m Melissa.

You might recognize my name from social media, one of my bestselling books, my TEDx Talk, as the co-founder of SheLaunch, or from my podcast, The Melissa Ambrosini Show, which has over 25 million downloads.

But what you may not know about me is that I started out as a coach with not enough income and a MASSIVE case of burnout.

My husband suggested that AI could lighten my load and free up time, but I was firm: “My brand is built on authenticity. AI will never work for me.”

But things kept escalating, including the number of items on my to-do list — and my exhaustion! 😩

Eventually, I realized that I had become the bottleneck in my business; the person holding me back was ME!

So with nothing to lose, I agreed to give AI a try… but ONLY if it could be harnessed in a way that felt authentic and aligned.

When we figured out how to use AI in this way, holy moly — the productivity and sales it unlocked were mind-blowing. And the extra content we were able to create? I couldn’t believe it.

My mind was forever changed, and I've been a raving fan of AI ever since.

Now I want to help you transform your business and reclaim 10+ hours each week the same way that I was able to — by harnessing the power of AI in a simple, authentic, beautifully aligned way.

And Beautiful, I know you can do it.

“Melissa is an empowering voice for women around the world. She's a real powerhouse!"

— Gabby Bernstein

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

“Melissa is an incredible leader helping people build meaning and purposeful lives through her inspiring work and powerful energy.”

— Jay Shetty

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

“Melissa is an inspiring and powerful voice for women everywhere.”

— Jack Canfield

Multiple New York Times Bestselling Author

This Challenge Is For You If:

  • You’re a solopreneur or online business owner

  • It’s ESPECIALLY for you if you work 1:1 with clients online (whether you’re a coach, a practitioner, a consultant, a service provider, or anything in between!)

  • You’re already stretched for time and you’d love to claw some of it back

  • Your business is built on passion, purpose, authenticity and values, and you genuinely care about your mission

  • Maybe you’ve played around with ChatGPT before, been disappointed by the results, and felt super confused about all the hype

  • You’ve got a tiny audience, or a big one, or somewhere in between — these strategies will work either way.

  • You’re tech-savvy enough to check your email and post on social media. (Seriously — if you can do those things, you’ve got more than enough ‘skillz’ for this.)

You might be wondering…

When is the 6-Figure Solopreneur Challenge?

The challenge runs from June 3 to June 5, 2024, from 6 am AEST to 7:30 am AEST each day. Click here for the timezone converter.

How do I watch?

You’ll receive a link to join us online each day. You can watch from any device, and from anywhere.

How much does it cost?

The first 1,000 people who sign up will get a FREE ticket to the challenge. After that, tickets will be $15 USD.

I’m a [fill in the blank] — will this work for me?

If you have an online business and you have 1:1 virtual sessions with your clients — whether it’s as a coach of any kind (life, health, business, vocal, relationship, etc), a service provider (like a graphic designer, copywriter, virtual assistant, etc), a practitioner (like an energy healer, naturopath, astrologer, etc), or a consultant of any type, then you owe it to yourself to check out the AI Secrets For Solopreneurs Challenge — it was designed with you in mind! 😉

one more thing...

When it comes to success in online business, there’s a hard truth: being early matters.

The first bloggers became online millionaires.

The first people to show up on Instagram are now making 5-6 figures for a single post.

The people who jumped on Substack early are now raking in amounts that would blow your grandma’s mind.

And it’s the same for those early to podcasting, TikTok, facebook, LinkedIn, and all the rest.

When it comes to AI, you’re in a truly unique sweet spot right now, where you can still jump on this wave early — without being left behind — and unlock a whole new level of profit, productivity and potential.

If you’re hesitating because you’re not “techy” enough, let me be real with you: all you have to do is show up to the challenge, engage, and you’ll knock your own socks off.

Also: if even just ONE thing from this challenge saves you just ONE hour per week from here on out, wouldn’t that already make this an incredible use of your time?

And let me tell you, the wins you’re going to rack up over these three days… whew! Let’s just say: you’re going to be saving a lot more time than just one hour a week. (And that’s not even counting the impact on your income, your audience, your customers, your content, the list goes on.)

Babe, I want this for you. Now’s your chance to get in the AI arena before you’re left standing in the bleachers as a spectator.

See you there?

Will 2024 be the year you finally scale your business, earn what you’re worth, and create the freedom you’ve always craved?

Total value: Easily $997+


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